Field of Games 2023

Field of Games is a non-profit organisation where 100% of all ticket sales are sent directly to the campsite to keep the costs to you as low as possible, we do however accept donations to help us with general ongoing costs and improving future events.

This year we removed it from the Ticket Booking process to reduce the pressure of donating given the campsites price increase and the current cost of living, we wanted to make sure there is zero pressure to donate.

To-date we have purchased the following:

  • Table Cloths
  • Microwave
  • Additional Lighting
  • BBQ Equipment/Supplies
  • Communal Tea/Coffee/Sauces!

Any donation you make will be used to further enhance Field of Games for 2023 and beyond, with our current priority looking at how we can generate more gaming space for all.

£185.00 donated
10 Donors