Yes! If there is something you would like to help with please Contact Us

Sorry no, we are a group of volunteers who have arranged this without any money being involved and would like to keep it that way as much as possible

Yes however they will be run by you! We have already got a few lined up from those attending, if you would like to run your own competition please Contact Us

Visit the Bring & Buy listings, select the game you would like can complete the contact form. This will e-mail the person listing the item to allow you to arrange the exchange.

The campsite have advised they have 2 marquees with table and chairs available which we can use, people will also be able to play in their own tents/gazebo’s

We have provided a online events booking system to allow you to arrange games before you travel, this can be found HERE. This will let you create events for you to host a game and also see available games you can book yourself into.

Alternatively you can just wait and see onsite, we are currently looking at different ways for you to be able to show you have a space available for a game (such as a flag).

Please see the campsites website: http://www.grandprix-camping.co.uk/facilities (Note that we will be attending on a non Grand Prix weekend)


You/the campsite. We are only suggesting where and when to go camping and therefore take no responsibility should anything happen. You should treat this as any other camping trip you go on (though this time you’ll be playing games with other gamers!)

Whilst everything we are organising is Family Friendly, we are only suggesting where to be and when, therefore have no control over who attends and how they act, this will be the responsibility of the campsite. We will of course do everything we can to ensure everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves, given the nature of gamers and campers in general we do not expect there to be any issues at all.