Useful Information

Arrival / Departure

You may arrive at any time on your day of arrival

Address: New Rookery Farm, Little London, Silverstone, Towcester NN12 8UP
Please use the right entrance to gain access to the campsite

  • Non-EHU Campers: Please camp anywhere you like on field 1 (first field on the right as you come in)
  • EHU Campers: If you have paid for Electric Hook-up, please contact the campsite so they can direct you to your pitch.
    • Thursday/Friday – Vanessa on 07917683330
    • Saturday/Sunday – Nic on 07941404902
    • Any issues with EHU’s – Richard on 07884007122

If the gate is closed, use code 141245A

You may leave at any point on your day of departure, though most do by 1pm Monday.
Please ensure your pitch is left in a clean and tidy state with all rubbish bagged and placed in the skip next to the shower block

The Board Game Hut will be offering a advanced purchases only this year due to having recently opening their shop near Southend-on-sea and not being able to bring their whole team.

You can purchase games in advance buy shopping at and using code FOG2019, this will give you 5% off your order but will also give 5% to Field of Games for operating costs.

To use the code:

  • Add your In-Stock items to your basket (sorry but you cannot use this for Pre-Orders)
  • Go to your Basket (not checkout) and enter FOG2019 into the Coupon field
  • Select Collect From Store as the delivery method
  • Complete your order before 6pm Wednesday 31st July

The Board Game Hut will bring your order to Field Of Games, please call Russ on 07960108055 between Friday and Sunday to collect your goodies!

Site Rules

  • Please do not disturb the site owners dad in the farm house (He has dementia and occasionally checks campers off his list, if he asks for payment please politely let him know you have paid Nic or Vanessa)
  • Please bag up litter and place in the skip near the shower block. Please do not use any other bin!
  • In the event of a fire, please raise the alarm by using the whistles on the fire water barrels & phone 999
  • Please do not enter the stable block or feed the horses or ducks
  • Keep children away from the pond at all times
  • NO BBQ’s on the fields at any time, only at the designated spot (next to the gaming marquee)
  • No Smoking In or Near the marquee
  • Look out for each other and have fun!

Bring n Buy

This years bring and buy will work slightly differently, we will provide the space, labels and a pen for you to be able to mark up your games with Price and Contact Information. Buyers can then contact you directly using the phone number provided to complete the purchase.

This will be open Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-5pm

FoG organisers will not handle any cash, Items left with us are at your own risk, we will do the utmost to ensure nothing happens to your games however we cannot take responsibility if it does.

Useful Tips

  • Bring your own Chairs/Table – Whilst the campsite do provide these, they may not be the most comfortable (so maybe a cushion to!)
  • Prepare for rain! – Whilst it hasn’t rained the past 2 events, it’s always a possibility! The Marquees are water proof with walls we can attach.
  • Talk to others – If you are looking for a game or have spare space, please call out! If you see anyone looking a little lost or not playing, please include them.
  • Join the Facebook Messenger Group – Chat dedicated to onsite chat, please only use this for gaming/food/drink related shout outs, dont use it as a general chat channel:
  • Share ALL THE GAMES – If you would like to share your games with others to make a community library, please park next to the marquee with your boot open. Please note these are left at your own risk and everyone should respect each other property!

Site Map


This is a very rough schedule of events and may change, please join the Facebook Messenger Group to get the latest information


  • All Day – Open Gaming in the Marquee
  • 7pm – Group BBQ, bring some food with you and meet some people!
  • 9pm – Social Deduction Games, Resistance, Avalon, Werewolf, Secret Hitler etc


  • All Day – Open Gaming in the Marquee
  • All Day – Board Game Quiz hosted by
  • 11am-12pm – Bring and Buy drop off (No buyers at this point please!)
  • 12pm-5pm – Bring and Buy open to all, from 5pm Sellers please collect your games
  • 6pm – Two Rooms and a Boom, Hosted by Pez


  • All Day – Open Gaming in the Marquee
  • 11am-12pm – Bring and Buy drop off (No buyers at this point please!)
  • 12pm-5pm – Bring and Buy open to all, from 5pm Sellers please collect your games
  • 6pm – Two Rooms and a Boom, Hosted by Pez