Useful Information

Arrival / Departure

You may arrive at any time on your day of arrival

Address: New Rookery Farm, Little London, Silverstone, Towcester NN12 8UP
Please use the right entrance to gain access to the campsite

  • Standard Camping (No Electric): turn right as soon as you come through the gate and camp up anywhere around the edge of the field, please avoid the red marked area as this is for organisers and overflow electric hookups
  • EHU Camping (With Electric): continue down past the offices and take the second right (if you get to the barn you have gone to far!), camp anywhere you like but please get fairly close to others as there is limited space for electric

If the gate is closed, use code 141245A

If leaving on Thursday/Friday we ask that you pack away by 1pm where possible to allow others arriving to setup camp, for those leaving Monday, please make sure you are packed away by 12pm.

Regardless of which day you are leaving:

  • You are welcome to continue to game into the night!
  • Please ensure all rubbish is cleared away in the bins provided and food taken out of fridges etc
  • The fridge will be cleared out and all contents binned at 12pm Monday
  • Give everyone a wave on the way out and have a safe trip home!

Site Rules

  • Please do not disturb the site owners dad in the farm house (He has dementia and occasionally checks campers off his list, if he asks for payment please politely let him know you have paid Nic or Vanessa)
  • Please bag up litter and place in the skip near the shower block. Please do not use any other bin!
  • In the event of a fire, please raise the alarm by using the whistles on the fire water barrels & phone 999
  • Please do not enter the stable block or feed the horses or ducks
  • Keep children away from the pond at all times
  • NO BBQ’s on the fields at any time, only at the designated spot (next to the gaming marquee)
  • No Smoking In or Near the marquee
  • Look out for each other and have fun!

Bring n Buy

This year you can either use our Discord server or Our Bring n Buy System

Useful Tips

  • Bring your own Chairs/Table – Whilst the campsite do provide these, they may not be the most comfortable (so maybe a cushion to!)
  • Prepare for rain! – Whilst it hasn’t rained to much in past events, it’s always a possibility!
  • Talk to others – If you are looking for a game or have spare space, please call out! If you see anyone looking a little lost or not playing, please include them.
  • Join the Discord Server –
  • Share ALL THE GAMES – If you would like to share your games with others to make a community library, please park next to the marquee with your boot open. Please note these are left at your own risk and everyone should respect each other property!

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